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7-20 clipboard

Posted on: July 20, 2009 12:59 pm
The British Open was fascinating this weekend-right up until the playoff, when Watson ran out of gas, turning what should have been an exciting finish into an anticlimactic one. Amazing that it took Watson's amazing run to make us care about a Tiger-less major. Almost felt bad for Stewart Cink. He seems like a class act, who finally won his first Major with 99% of the world rooting against him and history...and handled it with nothing but class. Hope #2 is coming soon. He deserves it.

So baseball's second half in under way. My Yanks are right on Boston's tail...Lot of talk about Yankee Universe, the obvious overreaction to Boston's RSN...and equally stupid...Yankee bullpen, which looked like a major weakness early on, now is rock solid with Aceves, Coke, Hughes and Mo (GOAT) more than holding their own...Don't want to bankrupt system to get Doc Halladay, but think they need another OF (Maybe the other Holiday?). Love Swisher's intangibles, but don't feel very confident he can man RF over long haul...As for HRs at the new stadium-sick of hearing announcers describe Yankee blasts as cheap and visitor homers as...well, regular homers...while I'm talking of announcers, would rather listen to a bullet entering my skull than listen to Chip Caray and Ron Darling do another Yankee game on TBS...Add those two morons to list of obvious Yankee hating announcers topped by Joe Buck and Joe Morgan...People keep burying ARod as a cheater, yet remember there were over 100 other guys on that list. That's over 3 guys per team! And eventually the rest will be exposed. How many guys on your favorite team are on that list, hiding in the anonymity promised by baseball when the tests were given. Keep that in mind the next time you blast ARod...By the way, ARod and Tex are now the best 1-2 punch in all of baseball.

Even though we're enjoying a great baseball season, many people's thoughts are turning to football (our real pasttime?)...Many college fans are sick of UF Gators (this Noles fan included) but could you all get off Tim Tebow? I hate him too, as a player. But the kid's a good person and gets it done on the field,,,so get off of him. If he gets National title #2 this year (I don't count the first one he won-as he was a gimmick on that team and Leak's backup) he belongs in the conversation as greatest college QB ever...and no, it doesn't matter if he ever starts a down at the next level, as there are guys like Tommy Frazier and Danny Wuerffel who belong in that discussion as well.

Is there anything more stupid than the ESPYS? They tape it and then broadcast the results on Sprtscenter all week. Imagine if the Oscars did the same thing? Who the hell would watch?...Speaking of ESPN, I've noticed they're starting to pay some attention to MMA. Knowing their modus operandi, can't help but think that some sort of UFC pay day has to be in the works.

Two things in the news that I still don't care about...Pro soccer, in particular the trials and tribulations of David Beckham's return. Though I did enjoy L Donovan's blasts at his teammate...very un-soccerlike of him. (Though he returned to form later and backpedaled on them.) And still don't care about the Tour de France, unless Lance and Contador square off at the finish line. That, and only that, might catch my interest.

That's it for now. Until next time, I'm just a Yankee fan stuck in Rays' land.
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